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Full-service Insurance Agency

Located in Washington, Savallos Agency is a full-service insurance agency offering personal and business insurance solutions. We offer personalized, hand-on-service with tremendous importance on accessibility and transparency. Our team of insurance professionals ensures that insurance claims and inquiries are handled efficiently. At Savallos Agency, we help you protect your assets against catastrophe, reduce or eliminate business interruption due to unforeseen events, delineate between personal and commercial property to limit liability, and create a legacy within a family to secure and pass down that which we can help you build up in your lifetime.

Our Story

Our practice was founded and formed five years ago out of the need to deliver what the marketplace wasn’t providing, which we reduced down to education and transparency along with the business-minded and family-focused approach to risk mitigation and asset protection.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a straightforward and no-nonsense message, conveyance of value, and pricing so that the authenticity we value comes through when we interact with you. We are there for you upfront, so you already know we’ll be there for you in your moment of truth.

Our Vision

Our vision is to change your insurance landscape one household at a time, comprehensively covering all of your most valued assets, items, and heirlooms, with simplified policies that make sense and add value to your family, practice, or enterprise.

Insure Your Future with the Most Trusted Insurance Service Provider

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